Academy website for training in the Swiss AtlasPROfilax® method

What is AtlasPROfilax®?

AtlasPROfilax® is a Swiss method that consists of a non-invasive vibropressure stimulation at the fascial and neuromuscular level in certain specific structures of the muscles of back of the neck that positively affects myofascial release, reduction of fibroblastosis and vascular and nerve entrapment in the soft tissue region adjacent to the cranio-cervical junction* (Occipital - Atlas - Axis) optimizing the Minor Intervertebral Derangement of the Atlas (consisting of Occipital Condyle Compression and Atlas Cranio-Caudal Deviation).

*Charnela: The transitional vertebrae between each region intersect the center of gravity and seem to be the most unstable regions of the spine, which gives them their greater mobility. (Rothman y Simeone, 1989; Hamill y Jnutzen, 1995).

AtlasPROfilax® Training

Training in AtlasPROfilax® in Latin America is exclusively for medical doctors (Doctors or licensed doctors), dentists (Doctors or licensed dentists), kinesiologists (Licensed kinesiologists. Only in Argentina and Chile) and physiotherapists (Only in Brazil)

Our training course enables students to correct the Minor Intervertebral Disorder of the Atlas by applying the Swiss myofascial AtlasPROfilax® method.

A large percentage of the population suffering from chronic non-malignant pain also has a chronic disorder of the short muscles of the neck known as Suboccipital Reactive Syndrome, which is related to the minor misalignment of the Atlas, the first cervical vertebra. This can be caused or aggravated by a difficult delivery, falls, whiplash, blows or accidents. This Suboccipital Reactive Syndrome is often present in people with tension headache, migraine, dizziness and vertigo of muscular origin, Fibromyalgia disorders, chronic neck and back pain, numbness of extremities, functional scoliosis, some disc dysfunctions, bad posture and diffuse muscular pain, among others.

The Swiss myofascial and neuromuscular method that manages, in a single session, to rehabilitate muscles and suboccipital fascias to reverse the Suboccipital Reactive Syndrome. This is achieved through a safe, controlled and very specific vibropressure, without making tractions or manipulations of any kind in the spine.

Our course includes subjects about minor intervertebral derangement of the Atlas, the C0-C1 joint, tensegrity and the myofascial system, anatomy, biomechanics, imaging, physiology of pain, neurovascular disorders, theoretical foundations of AtlasPROfilax®, technical realization of AtlasPROfilax, among others.

Endorsed by the FUCS

The Atlasprofilax Academy has an alliance with the Health Sciences University Foundation, a highly recognized institution in the training of health professionals and scientific research. The FUCS endorses our method and allows our health professionals such as doctors, dentists, kinesiologists and physiotherapists to be academically certified in AtlasPROfilax® therapy through a University Specialization.

Dr. José Gabriel León

Dr. José Gabriel León is a physician specialized in physical activity and sports medicine and medical director of Atlasprofilax. He is head of the sports medicine department of 2 Colombian university hospitals and also has a specialization in health management, additionally he is a postgraduate teacher.