Training Requirements and Application

To whom is the training addressed?

The AtlasPROfilax® training is aimed especially at the following professionals:

  • Physicians (M.D. or M.D.D.S.)
  • Dentists (Doctors or graduates in Dentistry)
  • Kinesiologists (Kinesiology graduates. Only in Argentina and Chile)
  • Physiotherapists (Only in Brazil)

To whom do we recommend training?

  • Osteopathic physicians who want to deepen their therapeutic results.
  • Orthopedic doctors, physiatrists or traumatologists looking for a different approach to the classical solutions for musculoskeletal and postural problems.
  • Orthopedic clinics and centers that want to offer a different solution to their patients.
  • Pain clinics that want to adopt a new, non-invasive and non-drug approach for the definitive improvement of chronic pain of non-malignant origin.
  • Kinesiologists who want to broaden their horizons and complement their repertoire of therapies with a unique and innovative technique.
  • Alternative practitioners who already apply other therapies such as bioenergetics, syntergetics, acupuncture, homotoxicology. AtlasPROfilax® goes to the structural origin of many problems that other natural therapies improve but cannot solve definitively.
  • Homeopathic doctors, neural therapists and/or acupuncturists who need a "structural" therapy that supports or complements homeopathic or acupuncture treatments to improve results in pathologies of mechanical-structural origin that homeopathic remedies or acupuncture are not able to improve.
  • Clinics or alternative medicine centers that wish to incorporate an avant-garde and highly effective therapy in their therapeutic offer.
  • Dentists looking for a complementary solution to frequent pathologies associated with temporomandibular disorders such as bruxism, migraines and headaches.
  • Orthodontists who want to work in a holistic way the TMJ together with the joints of the head, avoiding or reducing the frequent recurrences of mandibular positioning in their orthodontic treatments.

What are the prerequisites to access the training?

  1. Be older than 22 years old.
  2. Have a health degree in Medicine, Dentistry or a degree in Physiotherapy or Kinesiology* (*Only in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay).
  3. Have experience in patient care.
  4. Have all documents in order, this includes certifications of studies, updated judicial records, among others.
  5. Submit a one or two page written statement to the Admissions Committee explaining your reasons for studying the AtlasPROfilax method.
  6. Indicate the location of your current practice or office and list the techniques that the candidate develops within it.
  7. Have a recent photo, since, for reasons of geographical distances, it is the most feasible way to recognize the candidate.
  8. Complementary studies in alternative medicine are highly valued.

Steps to follow for training

If you meet the prerequisites for training, you can apply to the AtlasPROfilax® Academy Switzerland to become an Atlasprof® candidate as follows:

  1. Fill out the Online Application Form for Training.
  2. Gather all your documents and digitize them.
  3. Make an appointment for a personal interview (which can be online) with one of our Training Managers.
  4. Based on the interview and the documents provided, you will receive, by e-mail, the acceptance or rejection of your application. If you are accepted, you will be informed well in advance of the start of the course and the formalities for your participation in the course (dates, payment, location, etc.) will be initiated.

Note: Filling out the forms, sending the required documentation and attending the Personal Interview with one of our Training Managers does not automatically imply acceptance of your application.

Training Request Form

Once you are sure that you meet all the prerequisites to be able to access the AltasPROfilax® Swiss method training, you can proceed to fill out our Online Training Request Form. Our training section will receive the form with your information and will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with more detailed information about our course. Also, if you wish, you can send all the documentation in advance to our e-mail, so that our committee can start analyzing your case and give you an answer about your admission or not to our training course.

Which documents do I need to provide?

Therefore, if you meet the prerequisites, you must submit and send by email (scanned in PDF, Word or image format) to the following email address by clicking here the following documents:

  1. Identity card or document.
  2. Passport.
  3. Professional title of physician, dentist or kinesiologist (the latter only applies to Argentina and Chile). 
  4. Curriculum Vitae indicating work and personal references.
  5. Certificates of specializations, seminars, diplomas, postgraduate degrees and others.
  6. Judicial antecedents.
  7. Letter of presentation and motivation in which you expose your real interests that motivate you to study the AtlasPROfilax® method.
  8. In case you have an established practice, you must send us brochures and/or business cards or photographs, in which you can show us your practice, its geographical location and the therapies that you develop in it. You may also attach the address of your website, if you have one.
  9. A recent color photo, preferably 3 x 4 size and with white background.

Online interview

To complete your training application, it is necessary that you participate in an online interview with one of our training managers. In the interview, besides knowing better your professional profile, we will give you more information about the course and about the AtlasPROfilax® method itself and the results it has on our patients.

Also, during the interview, you will have the opportunity to clarify all the doubts you may have, both about the course and the method.

It is important to note that this interview must be scheduled in advance, via WhatsApp or e-mail, to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. This will be done through online communication platforms such as Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, among others.