Statistical study on 819 people

In the period from May 2004 to October 2009, Heike Göring carried out 5,000 applications of AtlasPROfilax®. All customers were given a survey, which they had to fill in three months after the application and send back by mail. 819 surveys were received (782 adults and 37 children). This proportion is representative for the final count (n/N=0.164).

Dr. Bernhard Simon, a German internist, elaborated an independent statistical follow-up on the effectiveness of the AtlasPROfilax® Method according to the testimonials of the patients themselves.

In the survey there was a distinction between improvements and worsening. In the case of deterioration, there was a distinction between first reactions and lasting changes, and in the case of improvement, there was a distinction between "close to the atlas" and "far from the atlas".

Among the effects near the atlas, pains in the cervical spine/shoulders-neck, headaches due to tension, migraines, pains in shoulders, bite disorders, dizziness and tinnitus were reported. The percentage of clear improvements (80-100%) was much higher than 50%, usually between 70-80%, clearly greater than the placebo effect.

In relation to the effects far from the atlas, some were named due to the change in body posture and statics, such as problems in the thoracic/thoracic spine, problems in the lungs (respiratory muscles), problems in the lumbar spine, pains in the hips, knees and foot joints, generalized muscular tensions and sensory disorders. Here again, the improvements were remarkable and between 70 and 100% and therefore far superior to those of a placebo effect. Effects far from the atlas, such as changes in mood, sleep disorders, skin rashes and digestive disorders, were also reported as markedly improved, although it is difficult to find a reason in this context.

After the applications, only three cases of severe pain appeared in the area of the cervical spine, none of which was of long duration. It should be noted that no side effects occurred in children.

In summary, the AtlasPROfilax® method is a harmless application, which offers a significant improvement of health status disorders, both near and far to the atlas.

Interview with Dr. Bernhard Simon, author of the study:

Results in adults "Near the Atlas" (Table 1)

"Near the Atlas" represents the area of the cervicals, arms and back.
"Far from the Atlas" represents the peripheral areas of the body.

Risultati in Adulti " Vicino all’Atlante" (Tabella 1)

Results in adults "Far from the Atlas" (Table 2)

Results in children "Near the Atlas" (Table 3)

Results in children "Far from the Atlas" (Table 4)

The book

Heike Göring is the author of the book Vicious Position of the Atlas with Leftward Rotation.

The atlas is the first vertebra in the human spine. When the position of the head, atlas and spine is not symmetric, disorders in the motor system, back and headaches, and even neurological diseases occur. To overcome these problems, there are various therapies centered on the atlas. In this work, the author analyzes the therapies of the atlas practiced all over the world and their theories around the first cervical vertebra.

Heike Göring, born 1965, studied law and nursing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

(Book available at Amazon in ebook format or paper support)

Interview with the author of the book: Heike Göring